Day 1: Injection #1, .25 mg

Weighing in at 207.8 pounds gave me the final push needed to get over any residual fears I was harboring about starting this journey. After hovering over 200 pounds for the last several years, I’m so exited about returning to the ONEderland club (which I’ve only recently learned refers to those weighing less than 200 pounds). 

This isn’t simply a vanity move, though I would be lying if I said vanity plays no role. But, it’s mostly about my health – physical and psychological. Physically, I’m tired of struggling with high blood pressure. I don’t enjoy feeling winded after climbing a few flights of stairs. It’s hard to play and engage with my toddler under the pressure of the extra weight I’m carrying. Psychologically, I regret avoiding pictures with my little boy for the last 20 months. It’s hard to feel so uncomfortable in my skin. I don’t like wishing I was invisible in order to avoid the pain of knowing that people can see the extra weight I now carry. I know anyone reading this can sympathize all too well. 

From a vanity perspective, I obviously want to be as attractive as possible as I enter my 40s. (Who doesn’t?)

Now, you’re probably wondering how today played out. Let me tell you: it was so easy!

The injection is not administered via a big, scary needle. It’s more akin to an EpiPen. It’s a hand-held pen to which the user attaches a teeny little needle (seriously, it’s just 4 mm long – teeny!). I chose to inject it in the left side of my abdomen, but it would also be okay to inject into the upper thigh or upper arm. I’ve heard from other users that side effects may be minimized when the medicine is injected into the thigh or arm, so I was a little worried about my decision as I do NOT want to feel miserable while losing weight. But I had to wonder: if side effects may be lessened when injected into the leg or arm, are the benefits also lessened? 

Ten seconds later, it was done! I accidentally pricked myself with the needle while removing it from the pen so I’ll need to be more mindful of that going forward, but it was otherwise a success. I’m sure that I can do this. 

As the day went on, I waited, waited, waited to feel the side effects (headache, nausea, fatigue, constipation, etc.) which have been reported in some patients. But, nothing happened! I ate yogurt and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, a sandwich (chicken, cheddar, mayo) and banana for lunch, and pasta with turkey meatballs and zucchini for dinner. I had a bit of indigestion after dinner, but it subsided within 30 minutes or so. Nothing of note happened after breakfast or lunch. I didn’t snack and as I’m sitting here now writing this up, I realize that I have no interest in snacking. This is a big deal as I spend — excuse me, used to spend (I need to embrace my new lifestyle) — too many nights elbow deep in a bag of Doritos. 

I’ve read that some folks start to experience side effects the day after the injection. I hope to escape that but will certainly let you know!

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